Friday, September 04, 2009


Longtime readers of this blog will know that Mr Nell is not romantic. This is the man who haggled for a discount on my engagement ring. Next year is our silver wedding anniversary and we've been debating how we should celebrate 25 years of me not having killed him. Well, he surprised me the other day by dropping a brochure in my lap and announcing that he'd booked a few days away for us in Jersey for our anniversary. In a hotel, with an indoor pool and a posh restaurant and everything.
Wow! I guess that means I'll have to get him more than his usual bottle of wine for his present.


Jennifer Shirk said...

How sweet!

I'm in NJ and can say for sure that you'll have a lovely time. :)

Nell Dixon said...

I've been to New Jersey!Well, to Cherry Hill which I think is just in New Jersey. This Jersey is one of the Channel Islands but I wouldn't mind seeing more of New jersey too.