Monday, January 10, 2011

Zoom! Was that a week gone already?

Wow, last week went by fast! Eldest belle has her first lot of AS level exams this week - 7 exams - ouchie, it's her birthday tomorrow too. I am not old enough to have a daughter who has just sent for her provisional drivers license!
I wrote a staggering 8.5k in total last week on top of being out three nights with commitments and three and a half very hectic days at the day job. Writing short stories seeems to have uncorked my imagination. What I need now is more time to write down all the stuff thats whirling through my head. I'll probably do one or two more shorts this month and then start one of the novella's I have planned plus get going again on allotment wars.
I am loving my kindle - what I've found so far is that I am much more open to trying new genres and authors with it. So far this last week I read a YA - okay, a steamy historical - meh, an oldfashioned cosy detective - enjoyable, a Liz fielding - Fantastic!

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Phillipa Ashley said...

Nell - you've unleashed me too! Good lukc with all your exciting projects. :)