Monday, March 21, 2011


It makes such a difference to how you feel when the sun comes out, doesn't it? Despite the fact that it's the time of year when the tree pollen is stirring and I need to stock up on my hayfever meds. Life has been a bit sticky here for a few months, employment worries, the Belles and their concerns and commitments and health issues for various family members.
None of that has changed really except today the sun is shining, I have a voucher (just a small one) to spend in M&S and I have critiquing work to do. I do a small amount of critiquing work for private clients and for the RNA NWS throughout the year. I may be able to take some more private clients this year so if you think you might be interested in working with me drop me an email and I'll send you my rates. For now though I need to go and run all my errands before getting back to my list of jobs for today.

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Phillipa said...

It's gorgeous, isn't it? Hope you have a cracking week.