Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taking time

It's been so nice these last few days not to have to be anywhere for a set time. I've been writing - adding words to all three books and enjoying the process. I've finally got around to making a proper author page for FACEBOOK I suppose now I'll have to behave like a proper author. I've been busy booking some fabby guest bloggers to visit here over the next few months. I met up with Elizabeth Hanbury and Phillipa Ashley my fellow coffee crew authors for one of our working, okay, gossiping lunches. As always it's so inspirational and I always come away fired up and ready to write. Look out for Phillipa's book Wish You were here btw if you're in the US as it's released tomorrow by Sourcebooks. (It's one of my favourite reads of Phillipa's) I've been pottering around the house catching up on laundry, cleaning the insides of the windows - it's not foggy out there, who knew? And generally annoying the belles with requests to tidy up, put things away etc. To make my week even better I'm off soon to one of my favourite places. A tiny town on the Welsh border just for a couple of days. The fish and house sitters are organised so hopefully I can spend a few days in lovely countryside with a notepad and pen adding a few more words to my wips.


Talli Roland said...

That sounds fantastic, Nell. Have fun in Wales!

Phillipa Ashley said...

Have agreat time!

liz fenwick said...

Have a fabulous break.