Thursday, June 14, 2012

Releasing Tomorrow! New Bay Wedding, A Cornish short n sweet

Releasing tomorrow! The next of the New Bay short n sweets - A perfect short read for Summer! Emma has been busy organizing her older brother’s lovelife but now Noah plans to turn the tables on his meddlesome match-making sister. But is Ian the best man for this very particular bridesmaid? Here's a snippet! “To our best man and chief bridesmaid.” Noah grinned at them and raised his glass to chink it against theirs. “Cheers!” Emma dutifully lifted her drink for the toast. True to form Ian managed to knock her glass so hard with his that half of her drink slopped over the rim of her glass and onto the table. “Oh, Emma, your jeans are soaked.” Posy pulled some tissues from her bag. “I’ll get a cloth.” Ian’s face turned a deeper shade of crimson and he jumped from his seat to beg a towel from the bar staff. Ian rushed back with a small cloth towel and began to dab ineffectively at the wet patch on Emma’s thigh. “Sorry, Em.” “It’s okay.” She took the towel from him and soaked up as much of the spilled cider as she could. How Ian had ever managed to become a vet she would never know. Whenever she met him he either trod on her, spilled something down her and, on one memorable occasion, he’d managed to set her hair on fire. He was a one man walking disaster area and her brother had asked him to be his best man. (C) Nell Dixon 2012 Available from Astraea press and all good e-tailers Don't forget you can meet the people of New Bay, Cornwall in Making Waves, September Song, A Cornish Christmas and Easter Holiday.


Cara Cooper said...

Congratulations Nell, hope NB Wedding is doing really well!

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks Cara.