Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, Monday

It's the start of another busy week here. My day job has a big, huge new project launching and I'm putting in extra time so my writing and on line time is somewhat curtailed. I'm also helping my eldest belle to clear out her room ready for her move to Cirencester in two weeks time. My youngest daughter is then going to take eldest's old room and eldest will take the smaller room for when she comes home. I'm almost done with my critiquing commitments for this year and my proofreading tray is empty too so in a few days time I can kickstart my writing projects. I have tons of stuff in my head that I'm dying to get down on paper, including plans for a new series! I've also been busy sorting out my health issues. My GP seems to have found me something which is helping my arthritis and that means I can be more physically active. In turn, that is enabling me to restart a get fit/weightloss programme. Fingers crossed for a slimmer, fitter, more organised me by Christmas!

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