Friday, January 17, 2014

Off to a cracking start!

2014 is promising to be a much better year in all ways than last year! Right now my lovely publishers, Astraea Press have a brilliant offer on all my single title books with them - just 99c or 77p so if you're missing one of the New Bay or Mayer family titles or wanted to try my new adult spooky shorts then now is your chance! There are lots of great offers on other Astraea titles too so make the most of your chance to fill your kindle with quality reading.

Writing wise I'm getting on with Sophie's Choice - the prequel to Christmas Ever After. It's such fun to write! Then I need to finish At The Dolphin Hotel, my cosy crime/romance.

An Uncivil War should be available soon in paperback too!

It's been busy on the home front too with my eldest belle turning twenty last weekend. I can't believe I have a daughter out of her teens. We've been busy decorating so at the moment the smell of paint is lingering everywhere and my youngest belle now has a pea green bedroom. Next stop is the belle's bathroom! It's like the painting of the Forth bridge.

My youngest belle also has chosen her prom dress now ready for summer so lots of fun dress shopping over the last couple of weeks. With the evenings starting to lighten earlier maybe Summer doesn't seem quite so distant despite the cold and damp.

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