Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pearly whites

Took the girls to the dentist yesterday. Yes, this is the hunky dentist who looks like Vin Diesel -happy sigh. La was praised for her great teeth cleaning. He tugged out a longtime wobbly tooth for Boo. She never batted an eyelash and says it didn't hurt at all. Now she's waiting for the tooth fairy. Eldest dd was asked if she'd consider having braces fit. To do this they would need to refer her to have some teeth out and she'd need to wear it for about two years. Of course she promptly burst into tears. I'm sure the moment wasn't helped by Boo skipping around with a cotton wool plug in her mouth singing 'it didn't hurt a bit, you're just a baby.'
Sisterly love is a wonderful thing.
Tonight is Boo and La's report night so I get to go and see their teachers. It's always interesting, especially La's report,my budding criminal genius.
Almost finished c2 of Blue Remembered Heels, just 500 words or so to go. Not sure this version will stay when I've written more, it may need juggling but we'll see. It's great fun to write.


Sara Thacker said...

Sisterly love is so wonderful. Poor thing crying in front of a Vin look alike.

Laura Hamby said...

I cry at the dentist too. Mine doesn't look at all like Vin.

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