Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it me?

I don't quite know what's happening lately, if it's the hot weather, me or just that somehow I've managed to tick God off somehow but I've had some really strange things happen in the last few days.
The first was at Marks and Spencers, I paid for some things I'd got for my daughter with vouchers. Not a prob, they are the reward ones you get if you have a card and I'd got the exact amount. The woman on the till said 'we don't give change with those' and I said it was okay I had the exact amount. In passing I mentioned was it a new thing as I'd had change from them once before at another store. The next thing I knew she was giving me a lecture on how I was wrong about that. She carried on telling me how wrong I was to the point of calling out across the shopfloor as I was walking away so the whole queue could hear how wrong I was. Huh? I hadn't asked for change, I'd given her the exact amount, it was a casual remark of something I'd experienced but NO I must be either an idiot or a liar because in her 43 years at Marks she'd never known such a thing. Very odd reaction.
Then today I went to take my youngest belles shoes to drop them off at the orthotic dept at my hospital something I have to do twice a year and have been doing since 2002. Today, no can do, apparantly she now has to have a GP referal and then they'll send an appt and then they'll take her shoes. In the meantime her shoes don't fit and are close to having a hole in the bottom. Why has no one written to tell us of the change? Why can't they carry on as before and just slot us into the new proceedure for her next pair of shoes? When I suggested they should write to people and let them now, I was told it would take too much time. Well duh, it's going to be fun in their dept come July/August when thousands of parents appear with shoes for the new school year and the dept won't take them.
So, is it me?


Kate Hardy said...

Sorry you've had to deal with horrible people, Nell.

No, it's not you.

And the 'too expensive' to tell people, indeed... what about the cost of wasted petrol and time for people who turn up? And, as you say, come July/August...

Jessica Raymond said...

No, it's bureaucracy! And maybe the hot weather getting to uppity sales assistants' heads. I hate rude service.