Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Chance

Moonlit Romance and By Grace are closing their doors on December 31st. I haven't yet decided what, if anything, I will do with my rights when they are returned to me so if you want to read those stories then now is a good time to get them.
I'm very sad to see a wonderful publisher close, but I fully understand and respect Sheila's reasons for doing so. I've loved being part of the Moonlit and By Grace family - the books were well edited and high quality, filling a much needed gap in the e book market.
I learned so much from working with Laura Hamby, my superb editor and I doubt very much if I would have been picked up by other publishers without the skills that she and the rest of the Moonlit team gave me.
But all things happen for a reason and if anything this has shown me that I need to narrow my focus on this new stage of my writing career.

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Phillipa said...

It's sad, Nell, and I hope the Moonlit authors will find other homes. As for you - you're going from strength to strength.