Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. The Belles have decorated all the house in fake webs and plastic spiders, cute light up pumpkins adorn various windows and my bat banner is out. The streets are full of excited children all dressed in their costumes and it's chance to catch up with my neighbours. Where we live is a very small estate of aprox 100 houses, people wanting to take part put up signs or decorations and the kids come round between six and eight-thirty so no one gets disturbed if they don't want to play and it's a safe fun environment for the kids.
So far I've had twelve different groups come to my door with each set of costumes more amazing than the last. The little ones look so sweet dressed as vampires, cats and witches and who can resist a baby dressed as a pumpkin with stripy tights on their legs?

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Kate Hardy said...

We always have a pumpkin with a candle in next to the front door, so the local kids know they can knock for a treat. DH took Madam out so she could do the rounds, and her brother had immense fun being in charge of the goodies and being kind to the little ones. Madam came back with her haul and joined him, cooing over how cute the littlest ones were! I think even when ours are grown up, we'll still have the pumpkins out because it's lovely to see all the costumes.