Wednesday, August 05, 2009

School uniform

I've been kitting out Miss La with her new uniform ready for high school in September - so far I've spent aprox £250. This includes trainers, shoes and football boots as well as stationary. What has really ticked me off is that the school has opted for a new PE kit. Instead of the generic pale blue polo shirt that I used to get from M&S for £3.99 as a 2 pack now it's £11.50 for one from the only shop in the area that supplies a specially printed top. Hmm, wonder if the fact that the shop is giving the school fund 10% from all it's sales of their kit is anything to do with the change? I only know this because I saw a notice for staff in the back room when Miss la was trying on her swimsuit - £9.99 for a plain navy costume. What a waste of money when I got her a nice costume for her holidays for £2.95 from George at Asda. Equally annoying is £14 for a navy school sweater just because it has the school name embroidered on it. The kids wear blazers all the time. They could have a plain navy jumper for less than £5 and they would still look smart.
Don't get me wrong, I think uniform is great but I hate the rip off that happens over trivial stuff like this.


Julie Day said...

£14 for a sweater is a bit much, I have to admit. It's like all brand names out there, you're paying for the name and not the product.

BTW Nell, my mum has finished AI and I believe she liked it as I did.

Phillipa said...

I am SO glad I don't have to get uniform any more. Younever seem to have enough. Mind you, students need 'stuff' too.

Laura Hamby said...

P.E. uniforms. How fun. I had to purchase shorts and shirt for my oldest son when he entered middle school, 3 years ago. Blue shorts, yellow shirt---school colors, complete with a designated rectangle in which to write his name on both pieces. He used that for 2 years and I sewed up a hole in the arm pit area because I wasn't popping another $25 for a new shirt. Then we moved and I had to purchase him more PE clothing. Gray shirt (with place for his name) and maroon shorts. Again, school colors and about $25. This year, he starts high school. Guess what? Yep. MORE PE clothes. Sigh.

And there are still new shoes to buy, a couple sets of new clothes for school, times 3...

Kids are expensive! Why wasn't that mentioned in the *Raising A Kid Handbook*? LOL!