Monday, October 19, 2009

Day off today

I've one free day this week and this is it. It's looking to be a really hectic week. Day job on Tuesday, Presenting at a conference in Stoke-on-Trent Wednesday (Do you think I might bump into Robbie Williams?) I'm at Dudley Central Library all Thursday morning for a local authors event along with three other writers and Dudley Carers group. Then Friday it's the day job again. Wednesday night I think we're going to King Edwards college for a look around but since they've changed the date everytime the winds changed I'm not too sure about that. Thursday night we're looking around another sixth form college - both of these are for the eldest belle as she's in her GCSE year, and then Saturday we go away for a few days to the sea.
I am using the term day off loosely today as I want to finish another chapter, do my banking and we're supposed to pick up the new sanitary wear ready to redo the downstairs cloakroom next week.

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Phillipa said...

Nell - I remember the school 'choice' thing well and I only had one D to worry about. We made the decision to send her to a comp a few miles away rather than our catchment which was a challenge for her - but she settled in quickly and as we'd thought, she made some lovely friends on the same wavelength.

Enjoy your writing time, when you can. P x