Monday, October 12, 2009

It's a sign

The sun is shining, I've two days writing time planned and guess what. Yep, I have a sick child home. I swear, everytime I get even the remotest possibility of a few hours peace and quiet to write, run errands and not have to worry about cleaning, or feeding, or taking someone somewhere the universe does this to me. Poor Miss Boo has the cough and heavy cold that has affected the other two belles over the last week. They are better now of course, but as her immune system has never been as strong as her sisters she's downstairs on the sofa sipping juice and coughing miserably.
What is it they say? best laid plans and all that?


Kate Hardy said...

Hugs - hope she's better soon

Phillipa said...

Get well soon, Boo. X

Julie Day said...

And hugs from me too. Hope she gets better. My cold seems to be lingering and doesn't know what it wants to do. One minute it's here the next it calms down then it's back again. So annoying. At least I haven't got a cough with it like Boo, and like I usually do. Let's hope she doesn't pass it on to her mum.