Thursday, July 08, 2010


I now have lists everywhere. Shopping lists, to do lists, packing lists, timetables argh! I'm packing for tomorrow's RNA conference at Greenwich. I'm travelling with a fellow Wombourne Writer and new to the RNA friend, Vik. My eldest and hubby are packing the caravan with stuff for their trip to Scotland - they also leave tomorrow. Middle belle is heading off to Germany on Saturday so I have to pack all her stuff and get everything ready for her grandparents to take her to meet the coach. Youngest belle is staying with the house/fish sitters so I have to get her some treats so she doesn't feel left out until I get home on Sunday.
I must remember to charge my phone, put Boo's euro's ready, check my powerpoint and load it on a stick, take my notes, make sure Mr nell and eldest have their cycle helmets as they intend cycling a lot while they are away.
I also need to decide what stuff I'm taking and get my nails done (very important)I'm so looking forward to seeing all my writing friends again and catching up on the gossip and news.

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Phillipa said...

Have a lovely time, Nell. Good luck with your talk.