Monday, July 26, 2010

Re- entry

It's always weird when you finish a book. I've been so immersed in Kate and steve's life at Myrtle cottage that I've kind of lost touch with what's happening in the wider world. Today though, I cleaned my desk - hey, there was wood under all that paper - who knew?
I'm attempting to fill out passport applications for the belles. This is a challenge - they have the 'wrong' sort of birth certificates, and were entered on my old passport when they were babies something which appears to throw HM passports into a bit of a tizz over which bits of paper I need to submit. It's all very complicated and very expensive.
The eldest belle is still recouperating after her toe surgery - she has to go back on Wednesday to have the dressings changed and see if she can be a bit more mobile.
My former cp, the talented and lovely Jessica is getting married on Friday to Simon and we're heading off to the wedding! So excited and thrilled for them both.
I'm so looking forward to my holiday at the end of August - I really need to be by the sea now and to have a break - it's been a very busy year. Plus we have the eldest belle's GCSE results yet to come.
My advance copies of Just Look at Me Now are here and Amazon are shipping already! Plus, it's £2 cheaper on there than the shops!I hope people will like this one :)


Phillipa said...

Well done on finishing YMAH Nell and sympathies on the passports - I remember doing CJ's and the red tape was ludicrous.

Have a wonderful time at the wedding and can't wait to get my copy of Just Look at Me Now.

Romy said...

Well done on finishing. I hope you have a wonderful trip to the wedding and that Jessica is blessed with sunshine.

I read 'Blue Remembered Heels' and loved it even more than 'Animal Instincts', which was a real achievement as I adored the latter. Abbey was flawed and yet so likeable, and Mike made my heart beat a little faster.

Nell Dixon said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Romy!

India said...

Nell, so glad you've finished the book - it would be impossible to write AND do passport applications, which require every brain cell! When we did the daughters a few years back I had #1's returned to me THREE TIMES to have some tiny detail altered - one time it was because she wasn't quite at the correct eye-line in the photo (cue another ten quid shoved into the photo machine...) You really deserve the holiday that follows once you've been through that process!

Judy Jarvie said...

Have a fab time at the wedding and give Jess a big hug from me (and Charlie!)
You deserve a lovely break Nell so enjoy it when it comes. Can't wait to read the book.

Nell Dixon said...

Hi India, I'm hoping the full birth certs get here in time for the youngest belle to go to France in 4 weeks.

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Judy, missed you at this years conf. I'll say hi to Jess for you. Can't belive Charlie and your little one are growing up so fast.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Well done on completing the latest novel and welcome back to the real world.

Made me smile about the passports. (In my ex bank manager capacity,) I recently verified identity for my friends two children's passports. I had to do it three times for each as my friend kept getting them wrong! It is ridiculously complicated process.

warm wishes