Friday, September 03, 2010

A question of Faith

Regular readers know that I don't often discuss politics or religion here. This last week however there have been two things which have disturbed me deeply on a personal level. The first was during Ultimate Big Brother - yeah I know - and John Mc's diatribe to Makosi dismissing the existence of God. Then, today, This article appeared on my screen.
There has always been a clash between those who have to have scientific proof, hard facts and the evidence of their own ears and eyes before they can believe in something. Yet, the ground of religious belief is Faith. A faith that can withstand doubt and which places trust in that, clever as man may be, we are not all that is within the the universe. Not just this universe but others which may be far beyond our sight, comprehension or imagination. How arrogant are we that we can say this is all coincidence? Chance? A fluke?
We are but little specks in something huge, infinite and timeless. Everyday, all around if we care to look there are miracles, things which can never be explained or dismissed by science, medicine or rationality.
Every day when I look into the faces of my children I see evidence of God's grace.
This post is not to start a discussion or to provide a platform for those people who have different beliefs to mine. You are welcome to your beliefs, I do not seek to convert anyone to my way of thinking. This is simply something I felt strongly that I had to say, to redress the balance maybe. A question of Faith.


Bluestocking Mum said...

Very thgouth provoking Nell.

I believe. I'm not sure in what EXACTLY, but I definitely believe.

Slightly on a different track but I see white feathers all the time, and whatever my husband says (we live in the countryside and there's bound to be lots of white feathers,) I am convinced they mean something as I see them at the most peculiar times.

I just know that some things are not chance, fluke or co-incidences.
They are meant to be and come about by some higher power.


Michelle Styles said...

If you can Nell, read Rabbi Sacks article in the Times today. As he says it is not about the HOW but about the WHY.