Monday, September 06, 2010

Summer's end

The eldest belle is off to college for her first full week. The other two belles go back to school on Wednesday and I go back to the day job tomorrow. At least I feel better this week and I'm itching to get stuck into the mega pile of work that I know will be on my desk.
Yesterday was my Dad's birthday so despite the drizzle we had a nice barbeque at home. Today already feels as if the season is changing, the Magnolia at the end of the garden is swooshing and swaying in the breeze, the Magpies are chacking at each other from the gutter above my office window and the sky is that pale grey blue which tells you there is a chill in the air.
I have half a chapter done on my new project - hopefully I'll get that done and maybe a synopsis later this week once the day job days are out of the way - have a feeling I'll be too tired to think straight when I get home from work.


Timekeeper said...

Seasons come and go and things change. Let the next book be the excitement. Do you write an outline first?

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Timekeeper, I usually write a short blurb first and for the last few books I've done a synopsis for myself - not that I ever stick with them. This project feels a bit different though so I need to get inside my heroines head a little first.