Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guest blogger - Meet Deborah Melanie!

Deborah is a newly published writer from the UK. I've invited her along to tell us about herself and her new book, 'Winter's Spirit' out now from Solstice Publishing
Here is Deborah's bio:
As I child I loved to create my own stories. I entered my first story writing competition at the age of eleven, but didn't return to writing until many years later. In the past I have worked as a reviewer, but my first love lies with creating my own characters. Thanks to the encouragement of my husband, I am making a life long dream come true.

Deborah kindly agreed to be interviewed;

Tell us why you chose to write this particular story? As someone who grew up in a close knit community, I wanted to write a story about a similar place. Batlington (the fictional community in my book) is much more of a town, than my village is, but I wanted to convey the friendliness of the people and their close relationships. This story also encapsulates a lot of the ingredients I enjoy in book. It made sense to write about a subject close to my heart.

And which authors do you like reading? I enjoy a mixture of authors from JR Ward to Suzanne Brockmann. Occasionally I will dip into a thriller or a gory murder story.

Do you write in silence or to music? As for writing in silence, well.... I wish I could find silence in my house LOL. There's always a lot of background noise, especially from the children, but from time to time, I do like to write with some music on.

What are you working on next? Winter McAndrew, my heroine in Winter's Spirit has three sisters, so I do have plans to tell their stories. I'm currently working on something different, but it's still set in Yorkshire, so I get lots of opportunity to imagine all the beautiful countryside.

If you could choose two fictional characters to take out to dinner, who would you choose and why? If I could dine out with two fictional characters, it would be with Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre and Eustacia from Colleen Gleason's vampire stories. I imagine that Mr. Rochester would make some excellent choices from the wine list and Eustacia would provide some fascinating stories from all her vampire hunting experiences.

Thanks, Deborah - Here is the blurb and a short excerpt from Winter's Spirit:
Winter McAndrew is on the brink of divorcing her philandering husband, Philip, when he dies in a car crash. One year later and with unfinished business; Philip is still earth bound and interfering in his wife’s love life. Trying to make amends isn't always easy when you're dead. Not only has Winter fallen for her old crush, Jack Tobin, but he also happens to be Philip’s cousin. With more complications than a woman needs at Christmas, Winter tries to find peace at her holiday home in The Lake District. However, when she finds herself snowed in with Jack; ghosts, old and new cause quite a stir. Will Winter get her man, or will ghostly Philip put an end to all her festive fantasies?


“That’s why you’re here isn’t it?” he felt ashamed. “You wanted to feel closer to Philip? I’m sorry. You must miss him a whole lot more at this time of year. You need your privacy. I should go.” Turning away, he placed his key on the small table by the door.
“Jack, wait. I’ve a whole bottle of your wine open and I’ve made far too much casserole. The least I can do is thank you with a good meal for looking after things.” Her hand reached out to touch his arm. Even through the warmth of the parker, it felt like a searing hot heat. “At least stay and eat with me. You’ve had a long drive here, you must be tired.”
Every survivalist instinct told him to keep walking. The idea of being alone in The Lake District with her, felt far more than his body could take. If he did stay, he’d either need to keep the parker on all night, or hide behind the dining table. Erections and widowed friends just wasn’t a combination he felt willing to explore. Damn it.
He turned to look at her. She seemed vulnerable; a lonely friend mourning her husband. He had no right. Yet this friend also just happened to be wrapped in a colourful quilt which brought out the green in her eyes, the pinkness in her lips and the slight blush on her cheeks. You’re setting yourself up for a fall, Tobin. “That’d be great. A good meal should set me up for the journey back.”
She smiled. “Great. Now if you’d grab the mop and clear up your snow, I’ll get some clothes on. I’m hardly dressed for guests.”
As she made her way upstairs, he smiled. She looked fine to him. Beautiful in fact.

To order Deborah's book click the link at the top to Solstice Publishing, and thank you Deborah for being my guest here - it's great to meet other sweet writers!


Anonymous said...

The interview was great fun Nell. I especially loved the dinner question.

Pat Posner said...

Great interview Nell and Deborah. The book sounds great, too, and I love the title.

Felicia said...

Nice interview Deborah. Enjoyed you're insights. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pat and Felicia. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Grace Elliot said...

What a lovely interview! What an unusual name 'Winter' - I love it. I suppose the name is no different from 'Joy' or 'Grace' LOL.
Grace x

Anonymous said...

Grace, thanks so much for dropping by. So glad you like my heroine's name :)

Double Your Dating said...

I come to know about this first time such that Deborah is a newly published writer from the UK. Many people are in habit of writing the blogs from the childhood.