Monday, August 01, 2011

Guest Blogger - Rowan Coleman

I'm excited to have the fabulous Rowan Coleman visiting to talk a bit about writing and her gorgeous new book - Lessons in Laughing Out Loud.
Rowan, when did you start writing?
I've always been a story teller, being dyslexic meant it was some time before I could really use writing as a medium to tell my stories, probably from my early twenties onwards.

What's your favourite book to read?
I love, love, love Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Last summer I got to see a few pages of the hand written manuscript in the British Library. I cried, it was so moving to be so 'close' to a writer that as inspired me for most of my life.

Are you working on anything new?
Yes, I'm writing book eleven or twelve. I still don't have a title for it yet, though. Really need to be struck by inspiration soon!

If you could ivite some book characters or authors to dinner, who would you choose and why?
Oh, I'd really like to have a girls night in with all my favourite lady writers, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and her sister, George Elliot, and all of the very man great contemporary women writers there around today - including you, Nell! I think we would have a blast.

Tell us about Lessons in Laughing out Loud:

Have you ever wondered what might have been...?

Willow and Holly are identical twins. They are everything to each other. Holly calls Willow her rock, her soulmate, her other half. And Willow feels the same about Holly. They are alike in every respect but one - Willow is afraid on the inside. And all because of a secret - one that binds the sisters closely together and yet has meant their lives have taken two very different paths.

Willow often feels there are large parts of her missing, qualities she only knows she's lacking because she sees them in her sister. For a very long time Willow has felt separated from Holly by one terrible moment in time - a moment that meant Willow's life was never the same again. And when the past catches up with her, Willow realises its finally time for her to face her fears, and - with Holly's help - learn to laugh out loud once more.
It sounds brill - where can we get it? Amazon and all good retailers.

Thanks to Rowan for visiting. I've some more fabby guests lined up for you later this month.

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liz fenwick said...

That's for the great interview Nell. The new book sounds brilliant Rowan. Perfect summer reading