Monday, August 29, 2011

Ups and downs

The last week has been strange. Some parts of it lovely strange, like being able to book my place to attend the festival of romance and working through the edits for Renovation, Renovation, Renovation and getting a peek at the cover for September Song. That was fun, I'll have several covers to share with you soon.
Then there were the downs, hearing that an old school friend had died and discovering a wasps nest under the eaves of the house - dying wasps dropping down the chimney and crawling into the lounge - yuck, shudder, ugh.
Back to work at the day job after my lovely holiday and we've tons to do - as usual. This holiday weekend the eldest belle and some volunteers worked with me at the local horticulture show - we potted up and gave away 150 plants and 3-400 potted seeds during the day as well as tons of leaflets explaining who we were and the services our charity offers. My colleagues are there today and if they are as busy as we were it'll be a good weekend. Of course now, my hip is not too happy but some rest and a few doses of painkillers should take care of that. I've been much better since I've been using the wii fit to try and repair the muscle damage in my dodgy leg. So, today is pyjama day at my house.


Talli Roland said...

Enjoy your pyjama day... hope your hip feels better, Nell!

Michelle Styles said...

I hope your hip gets better soon Nell.

Nell Dixon said...

My pyjama day was lovely, Talli. My hip is deteriorating but hopefully by building up the muscle I can eek it out for longer before I get a replacement. The longer I can go and the better shape I'm in before surgery the better I'll be. I feel ok today - tablets and rest have done the job.

Susan Rix said...

Sending my sympathies on the loss of your old school friend, Nell.

Good to hear you're looking after yourself with a 'pj' day. :)

Thinking & praying for you.

Hugs & love, Sue xx