Saturday, November 05, 2011

Catching up

I've had a busy few weeks lately with the release of Renovation, Renovation, Renovation and Cue Me In, going to the Festival of Romance and accompanying my eldest daughter to look at various colleges and universities all around the country. Thankfully she know knows what course she would like to do and which her dream college would be. Fingers crossed she gets an offer - her application is going in this week.
The day job is busier than ever so that is taking up more of my time.
I still have my fingers crossed for the pieces I have out on submission and I'm gearing up to dive back into the two books I have on the go already. I've also written another childrens story - Edward, the owl who lost his hoot. That may end up going into my little niece's Christmas stocking as she loved Bertie, The Christmas Beetle which was the story I wrote for her last year.
Coming up I have a literary dinner event on Friday with some fellow writers to raise money for another charity and then on the 17th it's the RNA winter party. The Coffee Crew will be hitting the town to pahtay! Maltloaf and vino on the train again. Can't wait.

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Phillipa said...

Can't wait for the pah-tayyy!