Saturday, January 21, 2012

January blues

It's that time of year when everyone gets the blues. Bills are in, money is short. All the work that didn't get done in December hits your desk and it's cold. But, on the upside, the days are getting lighter, snowdrops are open in my garden, PLR (Thats a small sum of money paid by govt to compensate for library loaning) has been announced and the holiday brochures are out.
I'm planning to crack on with Radio Gaga to get this last 10k done - I always procrastinate at the end of a single title. Then, I need to polish and submit my Easter short. I got a nice surprise to find A Cornish Christmas in Amazon's top 100 Romance short stories yesterday which was a real boost. I love writing the fun short novella's and I'm so pleased people seem to be enjoying them.
My Mum got a kindle for Christmas which means that because she can adjust the font she can now read all my books that weren't available to her before. She called last night to tell me she'd read Renovation, Renovation, Renovation. Gulp! Luckily for me she loved it and said she'd read some bits out to my dad and they'd been laughing out loud at some of the lines.(In a good way)


Mia Loveless said...

Hi Nell, Congratulations for continued success of your short novellas. It's nice to know that your mom and dad really enjoyed reading it :-)Mia Loveless

Mia Loveless said...

January, January, January. . . such a busy month for all of us! Thanks God January is almost over, just a few days left! And January blues will be over but your January Blues blog will always remain :-)Mia Loveless

Mia Loveless said...

I'm just eager to have a copy of Renovation, Renovation, Renovation. I'm going to share it with my mom too for sure she's going to laugh too like your mom :-)Mia Loveless

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mia, it was nice to know my Mum had enjoyed it! And a relief!