Thursday, October 18, 2012

Surfacing briefly!

I'm sorry I've been missing so much lately. Life has been crazy. My eldest belle has left home for university and she's swapping bedrooms with the youngest belle so the house is in chaos. Throw in a pressing deadline - I still have at least 6k to write before November 15th and we're away for a week without any net/computer access - and health issues for older members of my family and it's been a bit mad. I've also been working longer hours at my day job too as we've got a massive new workstream and a major new project on top of our usual busy workload. It's safe to say I'm feeling more than a bit frazzled around the edges. Hopefully when I've met my deadline and had a break to recover my health a bit I can regroup. Famous last words. I think I've been promising you all I'll slow down since 2004. I've had some nice news from my lovely publisher - Astraea Press - which I can't share yet but it's going to be a bit of a Christmas treat for readers. There's also the release of The Cinderella Substitute on November 1st to look forward to!
I love this cover and it goes so well with the other two books in this set, don't you think?


Nina Harrington said...

Hugs on the hectic lifestyle- but wow, those are gorgeous covers, and look at that fabulous dress!
Have a good week!

liz fenwick said...

Hugs! You amaze me you do so much. Love the covers.

Judy Jarvie said...

Beautiful covers, Nell. And look after you. It's all go go go!

Elizabeth Hanbury said...

Fabulous covers, Nell :) And take care - look forward to meeting up for coffee and cake soon and hearing your news!!

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks all. The covers are lovely but credit for them goes to Elaina Lee, Astraea's fabulous cover designer. The one for The Cinderella Substitute is as if she saw inside my head to get the image of Nate.