Thursday, July 20, 2006

Five go to Devon

Yep schools out so we're off. I'll be posting occasionally as I get net access. Jessica has c2 of Charlie Darling to look at and groan over. I plan to write c3 and tidy up the synopsis while we're away. Hopefully I'll then be able to polish and send it off to M&B by Mid August. If I can get more done while I'm away I will. Laura, my Moonlit editor was generous enough to look at c1 as I have been having major jitters as Jessica knows over writing this book and she likes it so that made me feel better. I've lots of M&B med romances in the tourer now ready for me to read as research so I'm looking forward to that.
I'll try and put some holiday pics up while we're away - see you all soon.


Lis said...

Enjoy you're vacation! Have a lovely time :o)

Jessica Raymond said...

Have fun :) And I did *not* groan, LOL! x