Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It's very hot and I'm typing this from a shady spot under the awning looking at a beautiful view of the sea. The girls are all at the pool trying out their new floating toys so I'm making the most of the quiet. So far we've visited Paignton zoo and the coast to coast penguin attraction, Totnes Castle and had a river trip along the Dart to see Agatha Christie's home, Greenaways.
I read part of one of the medicals I bought before throwing it down in disgust, it's been a long time since I read anything I hated more. I'm hoping I'll like the other one better - I'm sure I will, it was just that this one had no romance, was entirely from the heroines pov and that was shallower than a puddle. Plus, this woman was a real Jonah, everyone she knew or ever met became ill and usually with something rarer than hens teeth.
I'm still working on Charlie Darling, I've started c3 and tweaked a load of tiny bits in c1 and c2 but where my jitters had started to fade they're back with a vengance.


Lis said...

Sounds like a great vacation :)
Well use that medical you didn't like to motivate you, I'm sure CD will be much better then that book *g*

Jessica Raymond said...

Keep the one you didn't like -- when you are feeling really unconfident about your own stuff then have a read of that one and think: "I know I can do so much better!" That's what I did with one of the most laughable romances I ever read. Sounds like you're having a lovely time! x

Anonymous said...

I hope you have Marion Lennox's medicals in your TBR pile. I love them.


Ray-Anne said...

Hi Nell
The weather really is a scorcher isn't it? Re the book you hated - well at least the writer did make you react to it!
I am totally with Jessica on this one, although I confess there was one paperback romance which I actually dropped into a rubbish bin in an airport departure lounge-it was so bad I could not bring myself to leave it for anyone else to pick up. And this is from someone who loves anything involving ink on paper. I won't name and shame but my other half's gob was well and truly smacked! *g*
Hope you are enjoying the other medicals. All the best, Ray-Anne

Amanda Ashby said...

Yes, Nell, as well as Marion Lennox, Sarah Morgan's medicals are fabulous. Oh, and there is a lovely photo of you in the new RNA, Romance Matters, newsletter.

Amanda Ashby said...

And though I've only read a couple of Kate Hardy ones, they were great as well (am really going this time)