Thursday, July 13, 2006

Part two

The best part for me about the conference is meeting old friends and making new ones. It was lovely to see Julie Cohen and her blossoming baby bump, Anna Lucia, Biddy, who has promised me she will write her teddybear story because I want to read it and I'm so jealous I didn't think of it, Allison who has a request for a full from M&B historicals, Amanda Ashby who I wish I could see more often but she lives too far from me and is planning on moving further. Was it something I said? Melinda Hammond and Kate Walker, Eileen Mason, the lovely Sophie Weston and Jan Jones, Henri from New writers, Fiona Harper who recently sold to M&B tender and Liz. New friends include Ray-Anne who had the misfortune of being roomed in our block, Kate Walker's soul sister, the lovely Michelle Read and the wonderful, I am not worthy, Jessica Hart.
Regular visitors here will know how I rave about Jessica Hart's books (along with Liz Fieldings) It was so fantastic to meet her and attend her very funny workshop. For once too I avoided turning into a gibbering starstruck idiot (unlike when I met my other writing goddess Erica James last year)
I'll post more about the workshops and the gossip as the week goes on but I need to write this medical - I'm halfway through the first chapter and have a synopsis, Michelle!


Michelle Styles said...

Good, I was about the enquire. Go you!

I thought Jessia Hart's A to Z survival guide for writers was v good.

Amanda Ashby said...

I loved Jessica's workshop as well. I related to the alcohol!

Kate Walker said...

Lovely to see you again Nell and thank you so much for the copy of your book.

I'm delighted to hear you're trying for a Medical - I think you would be a good fit in the line. Can't wait to buy your first M&B - so get on with it!!

I related to Jessica Hart's A to Z too - lots of truths in there - and not just the alcohol! (Thought there was that connection . . . )