Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Fun 4

Dudley Castle was founded in 1071 and overlooks the town known as the capital of the Black Country. It's haunted by the ghost of the Grey Lady and there are rumours of a secret tunnel leading from the castle to the ruins of the Priory which stands below the hill.
The castle and the towns Station Hotel were investigated by The Most Haunted team.
Today, as the castle is set within the grounds of the zoo, and as Kate Hardy talked in the previous post about some of her local dialects insect names, guess what the topic is?

A black bat is not the flying kind. Here, a black bat is a big beetle.
A doorbug is a woodlouse, possibly because of their habit of creeping under doors.
A Bobhowler is a moth.
Chookie is a chicken - like the Australian chooks.
Flen - is a flea
Oss or Hoss is a horse
A tunky is a fat pig. You might hear - Er's a big as a tunky pig.


Phillipa said...

Nell - all of these are completely familiar to me except the black bat. I love bobhowlers best - a real Black Country word and kind of sums up the really furry, gross kind of moth you can get!

We had chookies at my gran's, and called eggs chokkie eggs (when i was little).

Lis said...

Ooh Dudley Castle. Looks very cool! I love places that have the 'grey lady' or the 'white lady'.

Olga said...

Nell, thanks for the story and the picture! I've been in a haunted castle ones. Wasn't lucky - or unlucky - enough to encounter any ghosts, though!