Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fun 5

My village of Gornal is famous for two main things. The villages are Upper Gornal, Lower Gornal and Gornal Wood. Gornal men used to be highly sought after by architects as they were skilled bricklayers and the area locally is the home to several brickmakers. The ground around here is very rich in clay and evidence of quarrying can still be readily seen today.
For todays class I thought I'd teach you all a saying or two.

E gid him a right cog-haiver - He hit him with a good punch.
Yow'm like a bibble in a can. - You never shut up.
That wo get the babby a new bonnet - You're not earning enough.

PS The first person to post in the comments the second thing that Gornal is famous for gets a prize!


Ray-Anne said...

Why YOU of course darlink.
*g* Ray-Anne

Ray-Anne said...

I cheated. I like prizes. Fossils?
I have no shame. LOL Ray-Anne

Nell said...

Nope, not right -hehe. This is specific to Gornal and it has to do with an animal and thats all the clue I'll give.

Sela Carsen said...

The pig on the wall?

Nell said...

Sela got it right. Gornal is a quiet place even today and local legend has it that back in the past there was a parade to celebrate some local celebrity of the time. The noise of the band attracted much attention and some locals put their pig on the wall. So Gornal is known as the place that put the pig on the wall to watch the band go by. Sela, email your choice of a book from my back list for your prize.