Monday, July 16, 2007

Making Time

Boo is packed and away now till Thursday. Then on Saturday all three belles are away with their grandparents for a whole week. Ah, the hedonistic pleasures I have planned for that week. Finally doing my tax return, cleaning the house while they aren't here to see me removing outgrown favourites. Defrosting the freezer - sigh.
I finished my med chapter so I clogged up Jessica's inbox with it. Almost done my next chapter now on Blue Remembered Heels, so I'm halfway through - yay!
Eleven weeks now on the revisions and I'm thnking it'll probably be a few more before I hear.
Now to get my post office parcels ready. One critique, one letter to the bank (I hate my bank - I can't use a cashpoint, can't internet bank, can't get cash anymore from a till, can't get to talk to them on the phone so I have to visit the branh if I want money. All the other activities involve pin numbers and I don't have one and can't have one.)
Post my husbands forms which he's had for three months and I've had to remind him constantly about.
I think I'll try and pop in there mid morning after the ebayers have finished unloading their parcels.

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