Sunday, November 02, 2008

X Factor

Come on, you knew I would be watching. I can't believe poor Austin got kicked off last night. Rachel may have raw talent but every week so far she has been rubbish. I also think little Hedgehog, the sixteen year old shouldn't be there. Daniel, who seems like a nice man but who looks like William Shatners younger brother, is okay but he's never going to sell out Wembley. JLS are good and I absolutely love Ruth, great voice, good personality and gutsy. Laura just shouts on every song she's given. Love Alexandra, good voice and versatile. Diana Vickers is just annoying - I can't take to her at all, we get this little Diana story - she wore shoes this week. The reason she doesn't normally wear shoes is because she's not exactly little. The nude Sooty act with her hand by her face is very annoying and why can't she move around? All the others have choreography as well as a song to think about.
I don't know who I want to win just yet - at the moment I'd say Ruth.
What do you think? Who are you backing this year?


Judy Jarvie said...

You have summed it all up brilliantly! Absolutely agree. I had figured Austin was fab, he really did new things with all his songs. And now he's gone. NO FAIR.

I figure Ruth. Or JLS at a push, cos at least they're kinda okay if you turn up the volume so you can hear them.

Sally Lawton said...

I LOVED Austin, and Rachel should have gone, gone, gone... she just looks uncomfortable and a bit of a mess the whole time. Austin has an AMAZING voice and I wanted him to win.
Well, now I'd say Alexandra or Ruth. I love JLS too.
And I agree about Diana. And if I hear her say, one more time, 'Who'd have thought, little Diana from Blackburn...' Grrr!

Phillipa said...

Er... I don't watch X factor, nell so I don't know who anyone is. I end up seeing Strictly while doing other stuff but I don't really enjoy that either. I'm hopeless!

Nell said...

Phillipa, you don't know what you're missing lol.
I'm glad I'm not alone in finding Diana tiresome. I love the way Simon's eyes pop out on stalks everytime Ruth comes on too.