Thursday, May 06, 2010

Somebody say there was an election?

I know they all seem to be as bad as one another, I know you are all sick of hearing about Nick Clegg's choice of tie or what Gordon had for breakfast and David and Sam's babeee but please go vote. I don't care much who you vote for or why you voted for them, just exercise that precious right that people fight and die for. Don't waste it. Just put an X in a box. If, when all the fuss dies down and you don't get who you voted for or even if you do, at least you did your bit. It's important.
Go Vote

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The English Writer said...

So true Nell - it is SO important that people Vote, I loathe it when I hear people say, 'they're all the same so why bother', they're NOT all the same, and we're talking about our country here, and whether people like it or not, they DO, do politics! Karen.