Friday, May 07, 2010


So, I'm off again. This time it's not too far away and just for a couple of days. Tewkesbury this time, more research and also to get some author pictures taken by a real bona fide photographer. Hopefully this will avoid any more embarresing incidents where my agent, publishers etc ask for a picture of me and I produce one which shows me with a flower growing out of my ear. My lovely fellow author, Cally Taylor, who has some gorgeous pics recomended me to her cousin Jacqui - the photographer responsible for her nice pictures and she's kindly agreed to help me. I almost missed the announcement that Animal Instincts had won Love Story of The Year because I was too busy cringing at the picture they used on the large screen at the awards. Everyone else had a beautiful professional authorly portrait. I had a snap taken at a book signing in Waterstones - sigh.
In more writerly news, I'm so looking forward to the RNA summer party. Me, You and Him is going well, I'm at 52k now and on target for my deadline. I love, love, love this book. Not sure if this is a good sign as I'm completely rubbish at judging my own work as you know. My cp has given me the thumbs up and my agent loves the bit she's seen so fingers crossed.

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