Monday, May 10, 2010


Today is the 10th anniversary of the health walks programme in Sandwell so today I walked around Sandwell Valley with the rest of the walk leaders. We then had cake with the mayor to celebrate. I suspect I will pay for the walking tomorrow especially as it's our own Urban trail walk tomorrow around the back streets of smethwick. Although we've turned our urban trail walk into an opportunity for a spot of guerrila gardening en route in an attempt to beautify the neighbourhood, wildflower seed sowing on derelict land. If I'm limping heavily by Thursday at the RNA summer party you'll know why!
I've been busy researching burials, churchyards, parish records and all sorts of other fascinating things for Me, You and Him ready to crack on with the next few chapters. Now I just need to get myself on a proper ghosthunt...

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Julie Day said...

Well done for the guerilla gardening I am all for that sort of thing. I know there is a lot of it going on around the country. I read of a man who's filling pot holes in roads with flowers.
Hope your feet are recovered for the party. Sorry I won't be there to see you.