Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fat fridges

Most of the appliances in my house are rather like me, a bit elderly, a little eccentric and inclined to work at their own pace. This week two of thenm decided to die. My microwave went first. It looked as if was cooking, the turntable went round, it made the right noises, the light was on but alas no cooking. Fortunately Sainsburys is having a sale so we picked up a lovely shiny silvery one for £50.
Next to go was the fridge freezer. I'd noticed for a while that the fridge was only slightly warmer than the freezer section and the light hasn't worked in it since 2004 but the final straw came when Mr Nell fetched his bottle of flavoured water out and discovered an iceberg the size of the one that sank the Titanic inside the bottle.
So, for the last few days we've been attempting to eat the contents of the freezer so we can get it all emptied out ready for the new one which is coming tomorrow.
It took quite a while to find a new fridge freezer because sometime in the last twenty years fridges have become fatter and of course we have fitted cupboards so fatter fridge freezer = not fitting in fridgefreezer sized gap. Luckily we managed to track one down that seemed like a good make.
I'm now eyeing the other kitchen appliances wondering which will be the third to go - or do you think the fridgefreezer counts as 2?

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Timekeeper said...

We live in a house that was built in the 1890s. It belonged to a preacher and he was one of the first to have electricity in the 1930s. They made good appliances back then. About ten years ago we had a yard sale with the 1930s fridge left here. It ran great and they nearly came to blows to buy it. We live on a tiny island and know for sure the fridge is still working perfect. It had a freezer too. We bought new appliances after the yard sale and I had to replaced the stove last years. They don't make appliances to last. It's bad for business.
Oh, my, what's that sound coming from the kitchen?