Monday, August 09, 2010

To tweet or not to tweet?

In a fit of madness last week I joined Twitter. As you know I went to Liz and Kate's very helpful workshop while I was at the RNA conference and then after so many people there kept telling me how wonderful it was I thought I ought to give it a go.
I am not very technical as you know and I can only access Twitter from my desktop since I bought my mobile phone in 2003, it doesn't even have a camera on it and no, I don't want to change it. I use it to make phone calls and that's it - bear in mind that due to my dyscalculia I can't text.
Twitter was always going to be a leap of faith. Well, at the moment I seem to be following 95 people and 60 people are following me - some of them are people who don't know me and will probably stop following me when they discover how boring I really am. It's a weird place the twitterverse. The only way i can describe it is that it's like going to a party and being in a room full of people, some you know and others you don't. Everyone is chatting, some in groups and some one to one. Clutching your glass of wine you look around for a friendly face and every now and then you catch someones eye and can answer a question or join in. The rest of the time you eavesdrop or talk to yourself, a bit like Shirley Valentine talking to the kitchen wall.
Hopefully I'll get better at it and feel a bit less wallflowerish. I downloaded tweetdeck and frankly am not impressed so far. I'll press on though and let you know how it goes when I've had a bit more practice - maybe I need to be less shy and retiring - and yes, I heard you all snigger when I said that!
Oh, and if you're there and I haven't found you then come and find me - I promise to say hello and show you where the peanuts are.


Kimberly Menozzi said...

I joined Twitter some time ago, but I'm mostly following cyclists. LOL! (so to speak, that is.)

I'll follow you, too! You can't possibly be more boring than me, anyway. ;-)

Michelle Styles said...

Nell --

I joined twitter as well. Social Media were the buzz words at the RWA. It takes time.
Think of it as a stream you dip in and dip out of.
You can think of it as a listening station to learn about things.
It is about giving generously.
But you must only do what works for you.

Nell Dixon said...

I'm sure I'll get better at it Michelle, I think I just need to be braver. For some reason a wine company is following me now - should that worry me do you think lol?

Kimberly Menozzi said...

A wine company? I think you should ask if they want you to be a spokesperson. Of course, they'd have to send you samples so you can decide if you wish to promote their product... ;-)