Thursday, June 30, 2011

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Most of you know I've been writing like a mad woman to finish my novella, Passionate Harvest. Well I made it for my deadline and had the opportunity to pitch to a publishing house I really, really would like to work with. I'm thrilled to say one of the editors there has asked to see it. So, guess who's writing/aditing like a mad woman again to make it all shiny beautiful? Sigh. I also discovered that I hadn't written the synopsis for it. I was sure I had. So yep, I know. I do this to myself all the time.
The other so-called good idea is Mr Nell has bought a wii fit. The way it says ouch every time I get on is doing nothing for my ego. In a rash moment I agreed to be a diet buddy to my eldest dd who wants to tone up now she's able to do physical exercise again after her foot surgery last year. Apparently I'm okay at yoga. Well, the easy peasy bits anyway. I'm building up slowly into the harder stuff. Every day this week now I've been doing 30 mins of exercise. Hopefully it will help my posture and stave off the hip replacement for a bit longer. My mobility has deteriorated this year. If I don't post for a while I'm either aditing or the wii fit has killed me. Either way, send biscuits!

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