Thursday, June 23, 2011

This month's catch up!

This year is zooming by much too fast. I have lots of lovely things coming up. Be My Hero is out in audiobook in August, Animal Instincts is released in German in September, Brief Encounters will be in print in September and, best of all, Renovation, Renovation, Renovation will be out as an e book in September and March 5th as a print book!I'm so excited.
Writingwise at the moment I'm pushing on with the novella as I really want to get it done and start shopping it over the summer. I'm into the final third of my next book for Myrmidon, and I've now got a synopsis and a couple of chapters on the project I'm totally not supposed to be working on at all.
So it's pretty busy right now. I'll be sharing a few tid-bits from Renovation, Renovation, Renovation over the next few months and I've some fabulous guest bloggers lined up for you too.

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Phillipa said...

You are a one-woman publishing machine, Nell. Can't wait to read the new projects.