Thursday, June 09, 2011

A little something

I thought you might like to see a snippet of one of the things I'm working on. Here's a tiny taster from the novella - currently called Sour Grapes. Hope you enjoy it!

She stared at the padlocked barrier with a sinking heart. Gym had always been her least favourite subject at school and the combo of tight jeans, achey legs and general clumsiness meant tackling the gate wouldn’t be a piece of cake.
Dominic stood waiting for her on the other side. “Do you need a hand to get over?”
Her body heated as his level gaze took in her muddy clothes and dishevelled appearance.
“I think I can manage.” She grasped the wooden post at the top of the gate and began to climb up to the point where she would be able to swing her leg over the top. The tightness of the denim combining with fatigue made it a struggle and she teetered on the crossbar trying to summon enough energy to adjust her position.
“Lucy!” Dominic moved forward just as she lost her balance.
She lay sprawled on the wet turf on top of Dominic with his dog attempting to lick her face. Temporarily winded from her fall she was horrified to see he had his eyes shut and a pained grimace on his face.


Shirley Wells said...

Ha. Oh, I love it. (Know how she feels too... :))

Cara Cooper said...

It is an unwritten law that it is almost impossible to look cool or even half way decent when doing anything physically taxing - we've all been there, sadly!

Nell Dixon said...

Glad you both like it. As someone who was completely hopeless at anything physical I must admit I channelled a bit of me into Lucy's predicament. I am the woman who had to be rescued once from a rope bridge on an army assault course.

Kiru Taye said...

lol. Great snippet. Thanks for sharing it, Nell.