Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are we nearly there yet?

I'm so sorry there isn't a preorder link up for the e book of Renovation, Renovation, Renovation yet. My publisher has been working hard to try and sort out the glitch but you know what technology can be like. It might even be Monday or Tuesday before it gets resolved. The preorder for the paperback is on Amazon Uk so maybe something is happening. For my lovely US readers - I'm hoping we can get things sorted soon.
In the meantime how about an excerpt?
Overworked, over budget and just so not over him! Kate would like an engagement ring from Steve but instead he's lumbered them with a thirteenth renovation project, and doing up Myrtle Cottage disturbs a ghost from the English Civil War who has romance troubles of her own.

A small heap of rubble littered the ancient grey tiled floor in the no man's land area of the kitchen. The room was deserted. Only the dirt and a pile of unwashed mugs in the sink showed the enemy had been there. I knew he must still be inside the cottage as his van was parked outside, but for now it was safe to enter.
Orange plaster dust crunched under my shiny office court shoes as I made my way to the fridge. A layer of grime coated the once pristine white appliance I’d chosen with such loving care twelve months and three houses ago. The interior however was thankfully dust-free with shelves clearly marked in blue and red tape.
When Steve and I first separated and things had turned ugly I’d marked the shelves. The blue shelves - mine - were stacked with neatly labelled Tupperware. The red ones - Steve’s - were bare except for an opened packet of dried up ham and an out of date box of eggs.
(C) Nell Dixon 2011

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