Sunday, September 04, 2011


Thanks to the wii fit I have now lost my first stone. Still a long way to go but the main issue for me is to build up my damaged muscle so it eases the strain on my hip and back. My balance has improved and my ankle muscles are getting stronger so I don't go over on my foot as often. I've set another new small target for next month and I'm planning to keep on edging towards it.
Writing target wise I'm on the home strait with my next book for Myrmidon Press. It's coming into focus more now. There is tons of stuff I need to add and tweak on the second draft but that's ok. I'm also working on another short 15k novella which I need to finish by the end of October so the other project I was working on will have to sit and wait now till those two things are done and out in the world.
September Song is due for release anytime now with Cue Me In following in October. Renovation, Renovation, Renovation is still on target for digital release at the end of this month with the paperback out March 5th next year.
If you're in Germany or speak German then Animal Instincts is available in German for kidle and paperback from September 16th and the large print of Just Look at Me Now is also now available this month. The paperback of Brief Encounters will also be out sometime in the next six weeks!
Flipping heck! That's a lot of releases.


liz fenwick said...

Well done on everything! Exercise, weight loss and writing!!!


Nell Dixon said...

Thanks, Liz

Talli Roland said...

Congrats, Nell! You've been busy and it sounds like you have a busy season coming up, too.

Cara Cooper said...

Congratulations, a whole stone that's a real landmark. Myrmidon press seem excellent, Helen McCabe's Piper seems to be doing really well.