Friday, February 03, 2012

Six below freezing

That was definitely what Poppy, my little car, said the temp was this morning as I drove eldest to get her train to college. It makes me so thankful I live in an age of central heating and indoor plumbing.
Exciting news! Astraea press have acquired Easter Holiday - this is my new short and sweet novella set in the fictional town of New Bay, Cornwall. It'll release mid to end March and gives you the chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones in the form of Posy and Noah. It's Astraea's birthday too this month - check my sidebar for a link to their blog - they are giving away a different book every day for the whole of February. Perfect if you like delicious clean reads.
There is a wonderful view from my window this morning across the fields, everything is white and stiff with frost and the sky is that translucent blue tinged with pink gold. The little Welsh rough cob ponies look a bit miserable by the side of the pond, all huddled together around the hay bales. I'm trying to get some feeling back in my feet before I venture out again for more groceries. Yet again there is nothing in the house to eat! Teenagers -grr.

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