Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, Monday

I can't believe it's almost the end of February. This year is scooting by faster than ever. The snowdrops are out in my garden and the tree pollen is stirring so for the next few weeks I'll be taking hayfever meds. Once the cherry blossom is off the trees I'll be fine again but until then I'll be feeling sorry for myself and sneezing my head off.
Writing wise I'm having a fab start to the year with the sale of Easter Holiday and Passionate Harvest - there are two more sales hopefully in the pipeline too to satisfy those of you who've been asking about my remaining two out of print novellas. Radio Gaga is done - finally and is sitting for a while before I do my big read through, adit and polish. I'm working on another short and sweet for my Cornish series and I still have my Jane Austenish project and an idea I want for my next single title. Plus I'd like to write the story of Dominic's brother, Jake from Passionate Harvest.
So many stories in my head and so little time to write!

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Phillipa said...

My head is whirling already. You are a Writing Superwoman, Nell.