Monday, February 06, 2012

Things I just don't get

Okay, maybe with an impending birthday it's my age but there are an increasing number of things that I just don't 'get'.
One of them was featured in my morning paper today.
Hair extensions - There were these horrendous pictures showing the damaged scalps of various women who had actually ponied up good money to do this to themselves. I mean what is the logic behind it? Think about this...
Hair extensions are human hair - from someone elses head (ugh, shudder) The main supply is from temples in Asia where the hair is sold. This hair is then glued or heat sealed onto your own hair - often using latex based materials (hello Toxins) or fastened with tiny metal clips. The process of putting it in and out damages the hair folicles causing scalp trauma and people develop bald spots from where clumps of hair are tugged out due to the weight of the extensions (Scalp traction)
Bits of someone elses hair shed constantly.
How is any of this attractive? Can imagine a bloke running his hands through his girlfriends hair and it either coming away or ehe's encountering glue, metal, hair spray etc. Romantic? No.
So is it me? Actually, don't answer that, I'm not going to be rushing to my hairdresser for these anytime soon.


ChrisCross said...

I'm with you on this. I can never understand cosmetic surgery either. Changing yourself so drasticallt is a vey odd concept, apart from which surgery is an invasive procedure which hurts, leaves scars, and can go wrog.

Judy Jarvie said...

Not tonight Josephine.
I'm with you 100 per cent, Nell.
Don't even get me started on those diamonte stick on things for your woopsadaisy.


Michelle Styles said...

Maybe it is our age. Hair extensions and putting implants/fillers into your body does strike me as recipes for disaster!