Friday, March 02, 2012

Coming soon!

Phew, it's been a busy week. I've been sorting out contracts and organising release dates with my publishers. Here's the schedule so far for 2012

Easter Holiday - out this month with Astraea Press. This is the fourth book in the Cornish New Bay collection.

Passionate Harvest - out end of March, start April with E-Scape Press. This is the vineyard book. It's not a clean or sweet read :)

A New Bay Wedding - This is pencilled in as I haven't finished writing it yet (Blush) but all being well this will be the fifth Cornish book out in June from Astraea Press.

Be My Hero - This is available as an audiobook from Audiolark right now but is releasing again as an ebook from Astraea Press in September. This is one of the Mayer series - linked to Dangerous to Know which is already out.

The Cinderella Substitute -Again currently out as audiobook only and will be releasing again as an e book in November - this is linked to Dangerous to Know and Be My Hero.

Hopefully if I get busy there will be more releases to come this year but for now there are some oldies, some newies and I promise there are goodies in that lot!
Happy Reading!


Iris B said...

You've been busy indeed Nell ! You go girl !!!!!!

Nell Dixon said...

Keeps me out of mischief, Iris!

SherryGLoag said...

Wow, that is a busy schedule. having your release dates in good time is such a great help, too.

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks Sherry. I like to try and plan ahead if I can.

Julie Day said...

Oh my. You still are a v busy person. Way to go. They do so the more books you have out, the more you can attract readers. I plan to have my next Angel story out next week. Then maybe April have a separate YA story out. Then in May my first two Geraldine Gem's stories will come out by Ebooks Emporium. Need to plan promo lists to do.