Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Details

Thanks to everyone who's left comments, emailed me, phoned me and sent notes this weekend. I appreciate each and every one of you. Now I'm slightly more together I'll fill you in on the details.
I've been blogging about Blue Remembered Heels for a while and I think I mentioned I thought it might suit Little Black Dress. At the RNA conference in Leicester, five weeks ago I had the opportunity to pitch to Cat Cobain, the editor for the line. I was the last person in that day and we mainly chatted about books and BRH. Again, I think I blogged about how much I liked her. She took a copy Of my Samhain book, Things To Do and gave me a couple of LBD's to read (one's I hadn't already got)
She also gave me her card and asked me to email her the first three chapters of BRH and the synopsis. She knew the book wasn't finished but liked the premise enough to ask to see the first part.
I sent it off on the Tuesday after the conference and got on with writing. While I was away just over a fortnight ago she got in touch. I came home to two emails asking if she could see more. I wasn't sure what to do as the book still isn't finished. I had my schedule planned for it to be completed by mid to end September.
So, I emailed her back and asked if she wanted to wait til then or if she wanted what I had in a semi-polished rough draft, which was the first ten chapters, just under half of the book.
She asked to see the rough draft if I was okay with it. So I pressed send just over a week ago and kept on writing.
I opened my email at work on Friday as I expected a patient to send me some information and saw Cat's email. At best I'd hoped she might like it enough to say that I could send her the rest when it was done or that if she rejected it she might offer me some direction.
Instead she made the offer for BRH and another book.
Hence my state of total incoherence for the remainder of Friday and much of yesterday. I rang my husband, Mr Nell, from the office and my cp Jessica Raymond, My Mum was out! My colleague said tell Cat yes, you need to reply to the email!
I emailed back, one of the fastest acceptances I think she said she'd ever had. lol

I'm now almost at the end of Chapter 16 with saprox another 4 to write so I'm well on target to finish on schedule. I'm so excited and thrilled that Blue Remembered Heels will be a Little Black Dress book. I have no idea yet when it's likely to appear or if it will keep it's working title. I promise I'll keep you all posted. As for the next book? Well, I have an ideas file with a very rough outline but first it's back to work on BRH.


liz fenwick said...

Even more awsome with the whole story.........still smiling for you:-)

Janet said...

You already have a rough outline for the next one! When do you sleep?

So pleased for you, Nell. Soon you'll be writing full-time leaving the frustrations of your day job behind.

Biddy said...

WOW! What a fantastic writing year 2007 has been for you!! That is a wonderful story and selling on rough draft etc... I sooooo want the chance to have some bubbly with you to celebrate. It is well deserved!

Michelle Willingham said...

Yay for the details!! So happy for you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Nell, fabulous news for you.

Sharon F

Julie Cohen said...

This is just so fantastic.

Welcome to LBD, baby! I'm so happy for you.

India said...

Just read your news on Amanda's blog and am soooo thrilled and delighted for you!

Huuuuge Congratulations! xx

Jessica Raymond said...

I'm so glad you rang me -- you made my day! I'm so, so proud of me and I cannot wait to see BRH all printed up in the flesh :)

Jess x

Anonymous said...

CarolC said...

Nell what an exciting story! So, so, so happy for you!

Lis said...

I loved hearing the entire story :o) Hope the writing's going well!!

Barb said...

Nell, I've been hearing such lovely things about your books for so long that I am not at all surprised. Fabulous news. A huge congratulations from Down Under!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Nell!



Michelle Styles said...

I am in tears! I am so very happy for you!
But can I say that I told LBD would be interested in you!

Hooray for you!

Jessica Raymond said...

Obviously I did not mean to say "proud of ME" -- not really sure what happened there! Proud of YOU!

Jess x

Mel said...

Congrats, Nell. I love how it all happened. Best of luck and many more books sold to LBD

Nicola Marsh said...


I am sooo far behind on this fabulous news!

I look forward to reading the book :)


Carol Hutchens said...

I just read your news on eharl. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!!! Love the call story.