Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I had a day off!

Shocking, I know especially as I'm on holiday. I've been thinking of what I need to do to Blue Remembered Heels and I need a bit of distance before I start polishing. Jessica is brilliant as usual at seeing things that I miss completely. I have a rough plot now for my next one and a working title - Animal Instincts. So, I'll be roughing out a synopsis soon.
The weather here is sill gorgeous so lots more pool time. Today we went to Buckfastleigh to see otters and butterflies. Tomorrow we plan to go to Exeter, I'm hoping we can go to the cathedral but the girls want to hit the shops.


Lis said...

Love the title for the next project :) Enjoy the beautiful weather! Hope you get a chance to go to the cathedral

Cherie J said...

Hope you get to enjoy that day off.