Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sunny Saturday

Time for a progress update. Two more chapters completed. Two others tidied and edited (thanks Jess) and a third started. Phew! That's on top of the day job, critting for a contest as a favour for a friend and the promo talks I was already committed to.
I did some writing at work on my lunch break. I have a wrist rest I use when I'm there that I got as a freebie sometime ago from one of the medical companies. Well I dutifully typed away for twenty minutes or so and realised my wrists were really itchy. When I looked I had a line of little blisters on the inside of each wrist.
The office was so hot, the glue that held the top to the backing of the rest had oozed and I'm allergic to adhesives so I'd got a reaction.
I've heard of suffering for your art but that was taking it a step too far.


Lis said...

Go you!! Sorry to hear about your allergic reaction *hugs*

liz fenwick said...

Just reading your post exhaisted me. Well done on writing through it all :-) Hope the blisters clear up quickly.