Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tatton Park

We also visited Tatton Park. We went for the afternoon and just visited the gardens, The picture above is of the Japanese garden. There is also a fernery, an african hut and an italian garden. The deer park is also well worth seeing and the girls were thrilled to see so many deer wandering freely in the grounds.
The site we stay on at Chirk, Lady Margaret park is also rich with wildlife. The rabbits are everywhere and aren't in the least bit afraid. We also had a deer come right to the back of our caravan while we were there early in the morning.
Mr Nell and eldest dd are away in the caravan now, they decided to take advantage of the sun and are in Malvern. The littles didn't want to go as they like being spoilt by their grandparents whilst I'm at work.
I've finished another chapter of Blue Remembered Heels and I'm onto the next. I feel like Dory in Nemo except I'm 'Just keep writing, just keep writing.'
I did get a wonderful review yesterday for Be My Hero from Once Upon a Romance.
Robyn, the reviewer said : Nathalie and Evan are a couple that you root for from page one. As much as they fight their attraction to each other, it simmers beneath the surface at all times. I enjoyed the romance because I found it to be a little more intellectual than most. I enjoyed watching all of the psychology of Natalie and Evan working out their past…and maybe their future. This is a story with a deeper kind of love than just sexual magnetism.

If you like an old-fashioned romance set in modern settings, I think this would be the perfect book for you.

So now you know - I'm intellectual!

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