Saturday, November 07, 2009

Everybody dance now!

Belle's have their first dance performance this afternoon and the second one tomorrow. The house is covered with glitter as costumes, tights, shoes are piled everywhere as the belles hunt for clips, eyeliner and ballet pumps.
The sink for the cloakroom has finally turned up - the only snag is that we'd planned to do the cloakroom during halfterm, now by the time Mr Nell's shifts allow him time to do it we're at the start of December. Just what I need as I try to reclaim the house into some semblance of order before the fat guy in the red suit rolls up on December 25th.
And what I really want to know is why the book I'm not supposed to be writing is clamouring in my brain, while on my contracted book, everyone appears to have gone off in a mighty sulk?


Judy Jarvie said...

Whistle those characters back into line a la Captain Von Trapp. Enjoy the glitter!

Sally Lawton said...

Oh wow - that made me smile thinking of you guys in a house full of glitter and show things!
Hope they have a wonderful show. I'm sure they'll both sparkle x